Book Summary

Maggie escapes to an old
mining town in the Colorado
Rockies to rehearse her
dreams of becoming a free-
spirited writer. Her life
changes, but not as she

Her natural clumsiness throws
her into the arms of Rarick, a
wealthy rancher, who does
not appear impressed with
Maggie until his estranged
brother Harry, a mountain
hermit, shows an interest in

While Rarick struggles with
the memory of his deceased
wife, Harry is bound by
circumstances that led to his
reclusive lifestyle. Maggie has
her own reasons to question
whether any man would ever
want to marry her.

Is love worth the risk of
opening one’s heart? Come
to Random Creek and
discover for yourself.
Author Profile

Helen E. Hertha grew up in a
small town in Kansas. Every
summer as a child she would
make the family trek to the
Rocky Mountains to visit
relatives of her
Colorado-born parents.

Vacations were adventures:
hunting for Indian artifacts
with her father, a soil scientist
and expert on ancient Native
American life; listening to
forest ranger tales of her
grandfather and uncle;
camping in the mountains,
creating visual mountain
memories with her
grandmother and mother,
and piling in the back of an
old pickup truck with
fun-loving relatives to explore
the high country.

Helen enjoys sharing her love
of the mountains through
believable characters and her
continuing exploration of
Colorado through a writer's
Moonlight on the Mountain
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